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Chuski Pop

Nov 23, 2020

This week on episode 97, we talk Diwali and fashion, from the firecracker ban to "Guccifest" on youtube. We then move on to discussing America’s new President-Elect, Joe Biden. And finally, we wrap up the show with a magical dose of Filmi Chakkar!


// Starring Sweety & Pappu

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Oct 22, 2020

This week on episode 96, we chat about mental health week and about Ira Khan, Aamir Khan’s daughter and her struggle with depression. We then roll our eyes at Gal Godat for accepting a movie role as Cleopatra, and another eyeroll  for Shahid Kapoor who will be playing North East Indian boxer, Dingko Singh in an...

Sep 29, 2020

Welcome to a brand spanking new episode of Chuski Pop! This week on episode 95, We give away our coveted Show the Bhindi aka Show the ladyfinger award. We then discuss this years virtual Emmy Awards, and Time magazines most influential people for the year 2020. We then devote a small segment to 90s singer S....

Sep 10, 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to a brand-spanking new episode of Chuski Pop! This week on episode 94, we interview artist, visual storyteller and filmmaker Debjyoti Saha.

We pick his brain about animation, his film making process and even what his favourite pizza topping is! And finally we wrap up the episode with an update...

Aug 24, 2020

This week on episode 93, we discuss all the hot news topics from American Democratic VP nominee Kamala Devi Harris, to the upcoming season of IPL cricket. We also give you an update on Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, yes we’re still talking about it apparently. And finally we wrap up our favourite filmi chakkar...